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Friday, June 11, 2010

Treetopia - EXP + Coins cheat

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Credits: pwnthis
Tools :
  • Charles Web Debugging
  • Firefox
  1. Go into Treetopia [click to play]
  2. Open Charles. Make sure it is recording.
  3. Click Collect on the Ash Tree Fire Pit to get coins and exp. 
  4. Look in Charles, you will see the line "" 
  5. Expand it > expand tree/ > expand amfgw/ and you will see "(tree_api.validateCall,tree_api.collectResources)
  6. Right click > Repeat advance
  7. 5000 iterations 10 concurrency. Wait till all actions are carried out and refresh game. You will see your new coins and level. You can do the same for stone and wood.

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