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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fish Life - Coins and Cash Coins Hack

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Play Fish Life

  1. Firefox, IE, Flock or Chrome
  2. Cheat Engine
Steps for Coin Hack:
  1. Enter the game,
  2. Open Cheat Engine and set it to (4 bytes and Also Scan Read Only memory )
  3. First Scan Your Current Money [For Example 250]
  4. Spend some coins, Next Scan [For Exmple You spend 10 [250 - 10 = 240]]
  5. If you did not get the address Repeat the 4th Step, Until you get the 1 address return.
  6. Double click on the address to record the address at the table below
  7. Change the value to "2000000"
  8. Now you can buy anything you want.
Steps for Cash Coins Hack:
  1. Double the address from the bottom table
  2. Add "+14" behind the address [Example: a0f0ef12 is your address  (a0f0ef12+14)]
  3. The Cash coins address will appear 
  4. Change The Value to "10000"
  5. Now you can buy any cash coins items.
*** The only problem its that you can buy anything you want, but when you reload, you will have the objects, but not the money. (You always can sell those objects to get money)

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