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Friday, June 11, 2010

Facebook Hospital City - K Coins Expansion Cheat

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Goto →Hospital City

Firefox 3.6
Flash Player 10.
Cheat Engine

1. Open Cheat Engine  select your browser
2. Cheat Engine v5.5 Setting(Double & Also scan read only memory
3. Scan your current coins value.
4. Buy something
5. Scan your current coins value.(make sure is only 1 result)
6. Double click on the result,it will show at bottom window
7. Double click on the "Address" value and add "+a8(Example:4D0F7456+a8)
8. Now add your "K coins"  + "K coins for expansion needed",Double click on the"Value" enter the value(Example:your current 5 K coins + expansion needed 10 K coins,Value = 15)
9. Back to game and click "BUY",wait untill 100% (it will show"Error") press play!

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