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Friday, June 11, 2010

My Empire: Collaborative Gifts Generator

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ME nofil2000 Unlimited Gifts Generator V0.1

This Cheat Allow you to share gifts with thousands of users (friends and non-friends)
You can only get one gift from each user per day
you can get gifts from non-friends also

This is not single user cheat . You need to collaborate with other users to get thousands of gifts

For this reason the following group is create in facebook to share tokens for this gift generator

Please make sure to post your token everyday so that we can get thousands of gifts

For this cheat you need the following
2- multi-tab web browser :Flock,Firfox or IE
3- Fiddler 2
4- ME nofil200 Unlimited Gifts generator .It can be download the link above

first download and unzip it in you desktop . It contains a file called nofil2000.html

step 1:
open your web browser and open two tabs : in the first one load nofil2000.html and in the second load facebook home page and log in to your profile

step 2 (Prepare Fiddler)
open fiddler -- auto responder and add the following rule:
if URI respond with C:\Users\XXX\Desktop\nofil2000MEgifts\crossdoma in.xml
crossdomain.xml can be found in the same zip file . change the path according to your path then clear your cache

Step 3:
open nofil2000.html
to get your today token , Click GET ID to get your facebook id then,type the item id that you need to generate a token for and then click get token .copy the token and share it with the group

step 4
if you have tokens from your friends paste them in the box under collect gifts or use the token you just generated
step 5
type item id that you want to receive from the tokens . You can see all item ids in item ids tab (second tab)

step 6
click get gifts to load the gifts into your Account

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Good Luck
Share this great information with your friends.
Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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