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Friday, April 17, 2009

Rectaurant City Cheat

1)Open Cheat engine
2)Click on Firefox.exe or IEExplorer.exe
3)go to Restaurant city
4)operating the restaurant
5)now go out the restaurant and click the speed hack in the cheat engine.
6)Set the speed hack to 15
7)Now the game should said you been disconnected, and ask you retry to save again. just ignore that msg for few minute.
8)Stop the speed hack or adjust it back to 1.0
9)Click on retry so save the game.
10)go in you restaurant
11)you will received a money,don't click anything, now go adjust the speed hack to zero
12)now u click and received the money!
13)Wow! you can keep click it and received infinity money!!

14)Please click on the Ads, if you feels this work :)

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