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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Restaurant City all Ingredients

Restaurant City Ingredient List by shyybie.

Pet Society Cheats // Unlimited coins cheats just by Brushing, Cleaning & Feeding

Hi readers, today i will be releasing you the Pet society Cheats which help you to get unlimited

coins just by brushing, cleaning and feeding your pet. 2 coins per action and it unlimited !!

Credits by : Patiniox

Steps had be translated through Google translation.


Tools you need :

1) Internet Explorer

2) Cheat Engine 5.5

3) Adobe Flash Player 9.0 // (Didn't Really try 10.0)


Step 1 : Brush, Feed or Bath your pets.

Step 2 : Purchased an Apple from the food store.

Step 03 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose internet explorer.

Step 04 : Scan 110FF2D045590FF2 with Hex, 8 Bytes and also read memory.

Step 05 : Scan 7D8B000005B38F0F with Hex, 8 Bytes and also read memory.

Step 06 : Copy the 2 value and paste it below and click the Enviar button.

Step 07 : You will see a list of code generated. Simply copy the whole chunk of code.

Step 08 : Go back to cheat engine --> Click memory view --> Select Tools --> Autoassemble

Step 09 : Paste all the code into the Autoassemble and click execute.

Step 10 : Start brushing, Feeding and Bathing your pet for Unlimited times with 2 coins each.

You can download a mouse reorder to repeat the action to get coins.

Good Luck !

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Click here to Download Cheat Engine 5.5


Hope you guys benefit from this updates.


Hello readers, this is my first review of a graphic design project after so long.


is a project called Piece Together for Peace. Below is the concept of the designer from

Graflex Directions.


I came up with this idea as i was planning for the content of New Year's greeting cards for 2005.

The image of the war in Iraq was still lingering on at the time in 2004. It could only have been

because i was so benumbed by a peaceful life in Japan, but i naively believed that there would be

no war in the 21st century.

Even after the so-called century of wars, not having learnt the lesson from the past, human

beings are still burning the flame of wars.

The profit-seeking econimic system may be a cause of this.

I felt that we human beings will never unite as one unless we are in an equally threatening

situation such as the one caused by aliens from out space attacking the earth.

How can we unite as one?

All the countries in the world should help and cooperate with each other.

This project was generated by an idea that the image of humanity united as one could be build

by creating a figure combining "Nation" "Cooperation" and "Peace" with all continents and

islands of the world.

Our Theme, "PIECE TOGETHER FOR PEACE" means that "PEACE" can be created by putting

together "PIECE" like a puzzle. It is also a pun with "PIECE" and "PEACE".


About the Twelve Animal Signs of the Japanese Zodiac

It is customary in Japan to send New Year's greeting cards with an animal sign of the zodiac for

the upcoming year printed on them. The japanese zodiac has the names of 12 animals.

The zodiac orginated in China. Since making its way to Japan, it has been used widely as th

measure for times, directions, and years.

New Year's greeting cards are sent to people to show your gratitude for things they've done for

you through the previous year and to wish for their happiness, safety, and health for the

upcoming year.

We have chosen the zodiac and new Year's greeting cards as a motif for this project with the

hope that the whole world will be blessed with peace.
















Interesting uh! I was quite inspired by the concept and the moral values behind the meaning.

All images and animation are credits from