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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Restaurant City need more staff


Guide to put waiters in right startup positions (no trial and error)

Are you frustrated with your waiters, because they always go to the wrong positions? Here I will introduce a way to 100% ensure your waiters are in correct positions. You don't need to do trial and error anymore, as you will understand the logic on the waiter placement and place them according to your will. This is very useful especially to people who are using island layouts, to ensure that the waiters won't go to the same island. (To understand what island layouts are, you can readIHOP UHOP's Guide to Island Layouts)

1. Waiters start next to one of the stoves.
Usually they will stand at the opposite position to the cook (i.e. in front of the stove). However if there are obstacles (tables, chairs, walls, etc) next to the stove, they will choose the position according to this priority:

One of the interesting thing here is that if the 7 squares next to the stove all have obstacles, the waiter will not appear in the restaurant. Therefore it is good to keep this priority in your mind when you place your stove.

2. The order of stoves, cooks & waiters are determined.
This maybe hard to understand, but this is the key thing for you to know where your waiters will be. Your 1st waiter & your 1st cook will stand next to your 1st stove, your 2nd waiter & your 2nd cook will stand next to your 2nd stove, and so on.

Here is an example:

This is my employee list. You can see I have numbered the cooks & the waiters from left to right. This is the orders for the cooks & the waiters.

The stoves are placed in order from left to right (with the method to be explained below). You can see that the waiters and the cooks are in the same order as they are on the employee list.

One thing to note here is that the order of the stoves is determined when you first load into RC, but the order will be messed up after you touched any of the stoves in the redecoration screen (this maybe a bug, but I don't think it is harmful enough to be fixed by playfish) Therefore in order to see the correct order, you always need to reload the page after you have made any changes to your layout.

3. Now you can find out the order of your stoves by understanding the order of your cooks.Since you know the order of your cooks from the employee list, and the order of the stoves is the same as the order of the cook next to them, so you can now find out the order of your stoves.

For example, I have this layout:

by comparing this with the employee list, I can number my cook:

The order of the stoves is the same as the order of the cook next to. So now if I want to make the stoves to be places like the one shown above, I can move them like this:

Save the game and reload the page and I will see them nicely ordered.

4. Now to make sure the waiters are placed correctly, you just need to place the corresponding stoves correctly. If you have 2 waiters, just need to make sure the 1st and the 2nd stoves are placed correctly.

For example, I want to make this 2 islands layout:

In order to make my 2 waiters separated in different islands, I just need to make sure that the 1st stove is put in one island, and the 2nd stove is put in the other.

I can find out the order of my stoves using the method above, and then place them like this:

Now after I save the game and reload the page, I can have my waiters correctly placed:

This is how you can ensure your waiters to be placed correctly. Even if in the future, people need to create a 3rd island for the 3rd waiter, this method will still can help to make the waiters placed in different islands, by putting the 1st, 2nd & 3rd stoves in different islands. Thanks for reading this guide, hope it can help you

Resturant City table layouts

*Please take note that the layout of your restaurant is by no means limited by anyone and is totally up to your own creativity.

*Please feel free to point out errors if you spot them!

__________________________________________________ ________________________


__________________________________________________ ________________________


Period: LV 14 ~ LV 16
Minimum space: 10 x 10
APS: 14.7
Pop cap: 50.0
Comments: If you see cooks standing by an open flame then something is wrong.

Period: LV 17
Minimum space: 12x11
APS: 17.4
Pop cap: 50.0
Comments: This is the most efficient layout a LV17 restaurant can fit

Period: >LV 20
Minimum space: 14x13
APS: 16.4
Pop cap: 50.0
Comments: Contributed by Laura Mau
Any logical suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

Restaurant Floor Area

LV01: 7x7
LV02: 7x7*
LV03: 8x7
LV04: 8x8
LV05: 8x8*
LV06: 9x8
LV07: 9x9
LV08: 9x9*
LV09: 10x9
LV10: 10x10
LV11: 10x10*
LV12: 11x10
LV13: 11x11
LV14: 11x11*
LV15: 12x11
LV16: 12x12
LV17: 12x12*
LV18: 13x12
LV19: 13x13
LV20: 14x13
LV21: 14x14
LV22: 15:14
LV23: 15x15
LV24: 16x15
LV25: 16x16
LV26: 17x16
LV27: 17x17

*New employee to be hired
  • Introduction
  • Layouts
  • Restaurant Floor Area
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Fail-Proof Way to Correct Waiter Position
  • References
  • Conclusion


This guide is a level-by-level guide of the most efficient layouts that you should use to level as quickly as possible (aside from leveling up your dishes).

The layouts depicted below are aimed towards people who are interested in power leveling (legitimately) by reducing waiter walking distance and maximising efficiency.

  • Period: Layout should be used during this level(s)
  • Minimum space: Size of restaurant required
  • APS: Average number of plates sold per minute
  • Pop(ularity) Cap: Popularity reached at its peak
APS calculation is conducted twice for the layout and average is taken.
No extreme deviation has occurred so far.
Employee motivation is kept above 80% at all times.
May be understated because my computer lags

Period: LV 2
Minimum space: 7 x 6
APS: -
Pop cap: 27.8
Comments: You might have difficulty getting the waiter in, scroll down to "Tips and Tricks" for waiter position solution

Period: LV 3 ~ LV 4
Minimum space: 8 x 7
APS: 6.67
Pop cap: 26.5
Comments: Having more tables allows you to serve more! Although your pop suffers...

Period: LV 5
Minimum space: 7 x 7
APS: -
Pop cap: 36.2
Comments: Transition layout to the next one since your restaurant is still too small.

Period: LV 6 ~ LV 7
Minimum space: 9 x 8
APS: 9.07
Pop cap: 39.2
Comments: Try putting waiting chairs AROUND the layout like hbfs in post #38.


Period: LV 8 ~ LV 10
Minimum space: 9 x 8
APS: 9.27
Pop cap: 37.0
Comments: Controversial layout that peaks at 37 pop (may differ); you can stick to previous layout with two waiters inside. 4:1 not recommended!

Period: LV 8 ~ LV 10
Minimum space: 9 x 8
APS: 9.67
Pop cap: 36.0
Comments: Another layout where pop suffers but you end up selling more. Again, 4:1 not recommended!

Period: LV 11 ~ LV 13
Minimum space: 10 x 9
APS: 12.1
Pop cap: 50.0
Comments: Arguably the most efficient 4:2 layout. If all goes well, this is your first 50.0 Popularity layout! Congratulations!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Technology in year 3000

Hi readers, today am sharing you some interesting animation created by JKbenton.

This is a series of animated cartoon that showcase what kids might believe in the future.

Animated cartoon by : Jim Benton

Auto shavers of the year 3000 will keep Dad smooth and clean without messy creams and


By the year 3000, your clothes will automatically change themselves to stay in fashion.

By the year 3000, getting a tan will only take a few seconds.

By the year 3000, you won't carry a backpack. It will carry you.

By the year 3000, special devices will automatically take care of your runny nose when you get


By the year 3000, cosmetics will be much easier to apply.

By the year 3000, you will save time by having a robot make you exercise while you sleep.

By the year 3000, the helicopter cap will get you around faster and easier than your bike.

By the year 3000, pro athletes will make so much money, they will just hire people to play for


By the year 3000, the four-legged jeans of the year will make sure you have a place to sit

everywhere you go.

By the year 3000, to save on gas, schools will replace all of their bus drivers with circus


By the year 3000, cars will always have to stop for stop signs.

By the year 3000, you will be able to change just a single actor in a show without changing the

show itself.

By the year 3000, the doctors will also be magicians, so they will be able to check your bones

without x-rays.

By the year 3000, you will be able to tell your foot to go outside and barbecue itself.

By the year 3000, shirts made out of car hair will not only be soft and warm, they will be self


By the year 3000, the foodzooka will reduce your lunch period to five seconds long.

By the year 3000, you will be able to make your clothes out of pizza.

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21 Data & Fakta Tentang Facebook

Anda pengguna setia Facebook atau Fesbukers sejati?
Berikut data dan fakta saat ini tentang Facebook yang saat ini menjadi trend baru di Indonesia, Facebook ini sendiri baru dilaunching bulan Februari 2004:

1. Pengguna aktif fesbuk sebanyak lebih dari 250 juta (bayangkan dengan negara indonesia yang berpenduduk dengan jumlah yang sama..)
2. Lebih dari 120 juta pengguna fesbuk yang login minimal sekali dalam sehari (mungkin salah satunya adalah anda..)
3. Lebih dari dua pertiga dari pengguna fesbuk bukan lagi menjadi orang sekolahan atau kuliahan.. (saat ini pengguna fesbuk terutama di Indonesia berasal dari ibu-ibu rumah tangga ampe para eksekutif).
4. Pengguna fesbuk cepat bertambah terutama dari kalangan yang berusia lebih dari 35 tahun.
5. Rata-rata pengguna memiliki Friends sebanyak 120 orang (batas maksimal memiliki teman sebanyak 5000 orang loh....).
6. Lebih dari 5 milyar menit digunakan untuk akses ke fesbuk setiap hari (dari seluruh dunia).
7. Update status fesbuk dilakukan minimal sekali setiap hari oleh lebih dari 30 juta pengguna.
8. Lebih dari 8 juta pengguna fesbuk menjadi anggota Fans Page setiap harinya.
9. Lebih dari 1 milyar foto setiap bulan diupload di fesbuk (coba bandingkan dengan flickr).
10. Lebih dari 10 juta video setiap bulan diupload di fesbuk (bandingkan juga dengan youtube).
11. Lebih dari 1 milyar content (link, newstory, blog post, notes, foto dll) di share di fesbuk setiap minggunya.
12. Lebih dari 2.5 juta events dibuat di fesbuk setiap bulannya.
13. Lebih dari 45 juta pengguna aktif di Groups yang ada di fesbuk.
14. Lebih dari 50 bahasa tersedia di fesbuk dan 40 bahasa sedang dalam pengembangan.
15. Sekitar 70% pengguna fesbuk berada di luar Amerika Serikat.
16. Lebih dari 1 juta pengembang dan enterpreneur platform fesbuk yang berasal lebih dari 180 negara.
17. Setiap bulan lebih dari 70% pengguna fesbuk memasang aplikasi.
18. Lebih dari 350 ribu aplikasi yang aktif di fesbuk.
19. Lebih dari 200 aplikasi memiliki lebih dari 1 juta pengguna aktif.
20. Lebih dari 15 ribu website, perangkat dan aplikasi yang menggunakan Facebook Connect sejak tersedia bulan Desember 2008 lalu.
21. Lebih dari 30 juta pengguna aktif yang mengakses Facebook Mobile.

Itu hanya sebagian data dan fakta tentang Facebook, belum termasuk yang kontra dengan keberadaan Facebook.