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Friday, June 11, 2010

Casino City - Coins Cheat.

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Credits : CaRlOsGg12@foro-trucotron27
Steps :
  1. Open Casino City
  2. Open Cheat Engine and select your browser.
  3. Use your mouse and point to any gambling game, it will show you ''AAA/BBBB'' like below example "408/2000"

  4. Tick the "Enable Speedhack" and change the value to "0" then click "Apply" to pause the game so the value "408" will not change.

  5. Scan the "AAA" value.
  6. If more then 1 result return, repeat step 4 and step 5 untill 1 is result return. (Remember to change the speed 1.0 in order to increase the "AAA" value.
  7. Double click on the result and it will record at the bottom.

  8. Right click the result at the bottom and select "set a hotkey"
  9. Click on the first raw and press "+" button from your keyboard.
  10. Click on the third raw and key-in your "BBBB" value.

  11. Back to Casino City
  12. Press the "+" button.
  13. Collect the coins.
  14. Repeat step 12 and step 13 untill you rich. Enjoy.

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hello , how we can cheat the drink sendig

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