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Friday, June 11, 2010

Bola - Million of Coins cheat

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Credits: Yagami@fullelectronica
Tools ):
  1. Download above stadiumcatalogue_en.xml.
  2. Drag it into your Fiddler Autoresponder.
  3. Click here to enter Bola [ Play ]    
  4. Check fiddler and make sure it is replaced correctly. It will be highlighted if replaced.
  5. Go to your stadium and click on the lower left corner section of the stadium
  6. Purchase the Plank which costs only 5000 coins. 
  7. You should notice that it has a capacity of 5000000. 
  8. Immediately, you will level up to 92. However this will not save. Only the moneysaves.
  9. Click Play > Social Match and play with any friend or stranger around the world
  10. Complete the match and you will see that you have just earned 100 millions ++ 
  11. Keep playing matches and you will keep getting richer.

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