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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hotel City Latest Cheat : All Cash Item

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Hotel City Game Latest Cheat 25 April 2010 : Buy Premium Items with Coins 
Hotel City Game Premium Item Cheat 03
Yeah, with this cheat you can buy any premium item with coins instead of Playfish Cash.
Requirement :
1. Fiddler2
2. Flash10
3. Any browser you’re comfortable with
4. 2 xml file in here (Fiddler installation included).
Here’s how to do it:
1. Extract the xml File.
2. Open Fiddler.
3. This is quite important, clear your browser cache.
4. Open Hotel City game and wait for it to load.
5. In Fiddler, try searching these 2 xml files : interioritems.xml and interiorrooms.xml , you should find them if you’ve already clear your browser cache. (see no 1 in picture below)
Hotel City Game Premium Item Cheat 01
6. go to the autoresponder tab.
7. Tick the “Enable automatic responses” and “Permit passthrough for unmatched requests”
8. See the rule editor at the bottom? (see no 2 at the picture below)
on the left side you input this line :
on the left side you input the xml file path that you have download and extract.
9. Repeat for the other xml, on the right side :
Same step for the left side.
10. It will be like this picture:
Hotel City Game Premium Item Cheat 02
11. restart / refresh your Hotel City Game and click on the build / decoration menu.
Hotel City Game Premium Item Cheat 04
12. Enjoy :D !
Note :
This can work as an alternative to coin cheat, you buy the premium item and sell them.
You can edit the xml file if you want, currently all the cash item room is set to 30 coins.

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