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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hotel City Latest Coin Cheat

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Hotel City Latest Coin Cheat, boy now it’s your chance to increase your money :D
The ony problem (and the most important step) in here is you need to have the Level Up Envelope and No Shift Running at the same time.
Credit goes to Daffa.
- Cheat Engine 5.6
- Firefox browser
Here’s How to do it:
1.Open hotel city and make sure your shift is over!! **this is very important!**
2.Now open cheat engine
3.Choose your browser
4.Scan your money
5.You should get around 2-4 addresses
6.Double click them all
7.Change the value of all of them by adding two zeroes to the end (00)
8.Now close the envelope
9.Go and save your game
10. Load your game back and surprise !!
As of now, i have not try this cheat, but when i do, i will update in this post.
Stay Tune guys :D

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