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Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Aquarium Treasure Hunt Cheat

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Basically you get 2 abundance coursing affairs anniversary day. With this cheat, you can do it as abounding times as you appetite and get the bill and items. Kinda annoying afterwards a few circuit though.

  • Cheat Engine 5.5
  • Firefox
  1. Go into Happy Aquarium
  2. You should see this screenshot
  3. There is 2 treasure hunt.
  4. Open Cheat engine and Scan “2″
  5. Complete 1 treasure hunt and it will show “1″
  6. NEXT SCAN “1″ and the addresses returned will be lesser.
  7. Complete 1 more treasure hunt and it will show “0″
  8. NEXT SCAN “0″ and the addresses should only left a few. Wait for 1-2minutes and NEXT SCAN “0″ again and you should only have a few addresses left as shown in the screenshot.
  9. Change all the address value to 2.
  10. Click on the treasure hunt again in Happy Aquarium, you will be able to play the hunt again and get coins/items. You can easily locate the main treasure hunt address and change the value to 100 by ‘Next scanning’ the value of the treasure hunt.

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