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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gangster City - Get thousands of Stamina Drink by nofil2000

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Note: With nofil2000's latest Gangster City Gift generator, we can all get thousands ofStamina Drink cans which is worth 2 Blue Coins each. But to do so, everyone has to share their tokens at this Group [GS Gifts Group]. With more tokens, we can get moreGifts. So Gangsters, start posting your Tokens!

Note2: Cheat will not work if you did not replace the crossdomain.xml! And if Hotel Citydoes not load because of Fiddler, make sure in AutoResponder, all urls are DELETED except for the latest url. 'How to delete the URLs' :  Just select the urls and press Delete on your keyboard.

Tools :

  • nofil2000's Gangster City Gifts Generator [download1 | download2]
  • Fiddler2
  • Google Chrome or any preferred browser that works with Fiddler2.
  1. Download Nofil2000 gifts generator. Links above. Extract the folder to your desktop.
  2. Open Fiddler (check File > Capture Traffic is ticked. For firefox, you will need to Force traffic to Fiddler)
  3. Log into Facebook.
  4. Open the nofil2000.html in the extracted folder in your browser. 
  5. Visit this URL: ''  You will see an error page, but no worries. 
  6. Check your fiddler now.
  7. You will see this line 'crossdomain.xml' Right click it and select Copy > Just URL
  8. Go to the Auto responder tab, and click ADD 
  9. The crossdomain line will appear. Ensure only that line is ticked. 
  10. Click on the dropdown arrow beside the Save button
  11. Select 'Find a file..'
  12. Browse to the nofil2000 folder and open the crossdomain.xml inside the folder.
  13. Click Save.  (watch video if you do not understand these steps)
  14. Click clear cache in Fiddler.
  15. Now look at the nofil2000.html tab.
  16. Click Get ID and wait for your Facebook ID to appear. 
  17. Click Get Token and wait for the Token to appear.
  18. A token code will be generated. Copy and paste it in this group 'COLLABORATIVE GIFTS EXCHANGE' to share with fellow cheaters so that everyone can gain more gifts. 
  19. Now copy all the token you can see on that page and paste it into the nofil2000.html
  20. Only 1 token each line. There are only a few tokens at the moment as it is a new generator. Start posting!
  21. Click GET GIFTS and watch as the gifts are loaded! (note you can also convert the ID to any items you want. Just insert the 'item id'
  22. Once done, enter Gangster City and check out your mail!
Note: If you have noticed, you can convert the tokens to any itemID you want. So if you want to collect all the different items, just conserve your tokens for the different itemID as each token can only be claimed ONCE a day.I recommend '7904'.  Stamina Drink Cans!
Hint:  Item 4701 for coins as each item sells for 12k. And Item 7904 for Stamina. 

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