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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hotel City Golden Bell Boy Statue

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Hotel City Golden Bell Boy Statue ! get free golden statue on hotel city now :)
hotel city 5000 coins Hotel City Golden Bell Boy Statue
5000 coins !
how to get golden bell boy statue onhotel city :
sign up to the hotel city email and you’ll receive this exclusive golden bell boy statue worth 5,000 coins as well as hotel city newsletter !
easy right ? just sign up for email and you will get this exclusive item in your storage only for subscribers
hotel city gold statue Hotel City Golden Bell Boy Statue
i already sign up hotel city email but there’s no golden statue in my storage ?
If it’s not already in your storage, you should check your application setttings on Facebook.
Go to Account > Application Settings
Look for Hotel City and click on ‘Edit Settings’ and then click on the “Additional Permissions” tab
Then make sure that “Access my email address” is unchecked and select ‘Okay’
Now all you have to do is load Hotel City and on the left side, click on the letter with statue and allow them to share your email.
Reload again and check your storage to see the bellboy statue. Hope that helps =)

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