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Monday, April 26, 2010

Latest Hotel City Cheats // How to Max your decoration bar

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Hi Readers, today is a guide on how to max the decoration Bar in Hotel city without wasting any

of your coins. Written by jay slack


So if you’re tight on the money but you want to bedazzle your rooms as efficiently as possible

then this is for you. What this guide clarifies is how much money is needed to be spent in each

room type to reach the maximum amount in the decoration bar without going over.


So What Does This Bar Do?!

The purpose of the decoration bar is to show how well the room is decorated.

The bar starts off as bright red and progresses to a brownish tint before turning into bright

green. Whenever you add decoration to upgrade a room, a white bar will show the increase.

“Upgrade” meaning that the cost of the new decor costs more than previous decor. Take note

that the bar stops rising once you reach the minimum max decor level. There is still a

masterpiece level.

Masterpiece Room ("Looking Good" Reward)


So after the bar is filled and has completely turned bright green you would think that your

decoration job is over. But surprise! It's not! If you add more decor the chair keeps on blinking…

what gives?! The reason for this is because there is an "invisible" decoration bar. To make your

room reach maximum max decor or Masterpiece level you must go above and beyond the basic

minimum max decoration.

When you reach it, you will notice the chair stops blinking and you'll get a nifty reward that you

can share with your friends!


But I Like My Shack-Like-No-Upgrade Room!


Be proud of your shack! Its got all the basic needs… a bed! Your shack is well accepted by a few

individual guests who aren't as picky. But as more guests come in and out of your hotel you will

start seeing some hard to please guests who will start complaining that their room doesn’t look

like a five star loft.

Just like these ladies and gentlemen down below… Mr. Mustachio, Miss Scarface Nurse and Skull

Rocker Boy.


Five Star Room, No Bigs!

A five star room?! What?! As time goes by and more decoration goes up in your room, your

picky guests will soon appreciate and applaud you for your hard efforts. By meeting their high

criteria of how a room should look like they will give you a STAR+. This is their way of saying:

high five! good job! i love it!

Just like these ladies and gentlemen down below rocking party hats.


Miscellaneous Note I

When replacing decoration, you can either upgrade or downgrade… duh. The actual amount of

coins that counts towards the bar is the difference between the two items. The equation would

be "coins of new item bought" - "coins of original item in room". It is always cheaper to add new

items as opposed to replacing items. We will use Smilies to represent how we feel in our


- Example 1 Budget Room New Item -

* there is no chair = 0

* brought a new "Simple Chair" = 1,000

* actual coins invested into Budget Room is 1,000 = 1,000 - 0

* decoration bar - Prior To Upgrade : 2,500/18,000 // After Upgrade 3,500/18,000

- Example 2 Budget Room Replacing Item -

* original "Green Stripes" wallpaper = 1,000

* bought new "Gritty Space Station" wallpaper = 16,000

* actual coins invested into Budget Room is 15,000 = 16,000 - 1,000

* decoration bar - Prior To Upgrade : 2,500/18,000 // After Upgrade 17,500/18,000

- Example 3 Budget Room Replacing Item -

* original "Beige" floor = 1,000

* bought new "Stripped Wood" floor = 1,000

* actual coins invested into Budget Room is 0 = 1,000 - 1,000

* decoration bar - Prior To Upgrade : 2,500/18,000 // After Upgrade 2,500/18,000

- Example 4 Budget Room Downgrade -

* original "Beige" floor = 1,000

* bought new "Concrete" floor = 500

* actual coins invested into Budget Room is -500 = 500 - 1,000

* decoration bar - Prior To Upgrade : 2,500/18,000 // After Upgrade 2,000/18,000

Miscellaneous Note II

* Hotel City has an auto-save function every 00/10/20/30/40/50 minutes past the hour

when you redecorate. Not 100% positive.

* If you purchase a new…

wallpaper/floor/bed but decide minutes later that it doesn't match your room DO NOT purchase

a new item to replace it just yet! If you do you will lose the first item that you bought, tough luck.

Instead click the check mark first to save and then go back and replace it.

"X" decoration but decide you want to save it for later and stash it away. Hit the giant tick mark

first to save or it'll be lost forever and ever. Go back after to stash it.

"X" decoration but decide that it looks hideous and then realized that you wasted all your coins.

Refresh/reload the page and hope for a refund. This is risky and may not always work so take

your chances or be smart and decide what looks awesome first before you buy it.

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Good Luck----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Share this great information with your friends.Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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