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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Latest Restaurant City Cheats // ULTIMATE ingredient cheats and Susi Bar

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Credits to [Timbo] Hurray!
Good afternoon readers, this is the ultimate cheat for Restaurant City that help you in obtain

a full set of ingredients that you want and best of all its free! Get all your ingredients and max

your level for all your recipe and get a sushi table too!



Tools you need

1) Fiddler2

2) Firefox, Internet explorer or Google Chrome

3) Flash Player 10 or 9.0

4) Download bin here


Step by Step tutorial on Full collection of ingredients :

Step 01 : Download the Ingredient Bin here // Password

Step 02 : Start your Fiddler 2.0 and Clear Browser Cache. Drag the Ingredient Bin into Fiddler

Auto responder.

Step 03 : Start Restaurant City Application.

Step 04 : Free ingredients will be at Functional column.

Step 05 : Simply just drag your desire ingredients into your restaurant 1 by 1.

Step 06 : Only drag back the ingredients back into your inventory will be saved.

Step 07 : Repeat the process to get all your ingredients and save game. Close Fiddler.

Step 08 : Start Restaurant City Application again and the ingredients will be in your ingredients


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