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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Latest Restaurant City Cheats // Full Cash, Recipe and Avatar cheats

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Please note : Require 1 Playfish cash inorder for this cheats to work.

Credits : Free2sw

Good morning readers, Happy Labour day today is a holiday for us! Hurray but am updating this

blog on a new compiled bin for you. Which includes Full cash items, Recipe, Avatar and Front.

Download all here today. All cash items and ingredients are savable so why wait? Download

your bin now and get your cash items right now!


Tools you need

1) Fiddler2

2) Firefox, Internet explorer or Google Chrome

3) Flash Player 10 or 9.0

4) Download bin here


Step by Step tutorial on Neon Sushi bin, Cash and ingredients :

Step 01 : Download the Full cash item here // Download

Step 02 : Start your Fiddler 2.0 and Clear Browser Cache. Drag the 4 Bin into Fiddler

Auto responder.

Step 03 : Start Restaurant City Application.

Step 04 : Purchase the Cash items in functionality column and ingredients in the chair column

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Good Luck----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Share this great information with your friends.Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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