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Monday, April 26, 2010

Latest Restaurant City Cheats // Get millions coins by selling Oak table

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Good morning readers, this is the ultimate cheat for Restaurant City that help you in obtain

millionaire in just seconds. Purchase Oak tables for 200 coins each and resale them for 166,666

coins. Earning the difference and become millionaires just by seconds. Read and watch the video

closely and you will get it right. Try it before it get patched as this is the fastest cheat ever in

Restaurant city to get coins and get cash item using coins!


Tools you need

1) Fiddler2

2) Firefox, Internet explorer or Google Chrome

3) Flash Player 10 or 9.0

4) Download bin here


Steps for Coins Hack:

1. Go into Restaurant City. (don't use fiddler yet)

2. Buy Oak Table (as many as you can - maximum = 1944 tables)

3. Save

4. Clear your browser cache

5. Open fiddler and drag the bin files into autoresponder.

6. Go into Restaurant City.

7. Sell Oak Table for 166,666 conis per table (1944 X 166666 = 323,998,704 Coins) Enjoy!

Steps for Cash Items:

1. Download above Bin Files

2. Open fiddler. Clear browser cache.

3. Drag the "Bin Files" into Fiddler Autoresponder (no need to find the URL)

4. Go into Restaurant City.

5. You can buy the Cash Items with Coins Now. Enjoy!!
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