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Monday, June 28, 2010

Restaurant City Cheats // Lounge bar & Sushi bar cheats by FrogsRCadditct

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Good evening Readers, Frogs RCaddict had released a new Restaurant City cheat on LoungeBar

for free. Not only that a Sushi bar and a series of working cheats as follows :

What is doing this hack:

-all stoves makes your chef work 99% faster

-all drink dispensers work 99% faster

-all toilets work 99% faster

-all beds makes your employees work 99% faster

-old items are available

-functionals never break

-no locked items

-no limited item

-items are giftable


Tools you need :

1) Google Chrome, Firefox

2) Restaurant City Loungebar cheats

3) Flash Player 10.0


1. Install fiddler and launch it

2. Go to the Autoresponder tab.

3. Tick both Enable automatic.. and Permit passthrough..

4. Click on add new rule

5. Paste in the left part of the rules editor: REGEX:(?insx).*restaurant\


6. Click on the black arrow in the right part of the rule editor, select "find a file" and

select new downloaded file "Hack_Items 6.bin " (UPDATED 4)

7. Clear the cache with Fiddler

8. Enable Fiddler in your browser and restart RC.

9. Buy a bed in functional and watch your employees :)

Note: latest versions of Firefox and IE may cause problems, but it works great with Chrome

Like to get the latest updates!

 Good Luck
Share this great information with your friends.
Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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Anonymous said...

where do u downloadload hack_item 6 bin??

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