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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Country Story - Combo Cheat CSCheat

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Required Tools 
  • TigerZZ's CS tool - updated 29 June 2010 [ Sendspace | Ziddu]
  • Chrome/IE (Latest Firefox version does not work)

Credits: TigerZZ

  1. Extract and Open CSCheat tool
  2. Play Country Story. (click to play)
  3. Water a plant, harvest a plant, plow a ground.
  4. Now select language [Choose from Mandarin, English or Spanish] and Browser in the CSCheat tool , click Scan or Low-scan
  5. Depending on your CPU, the scanning should be done in a couple of  minutes and the 2 buttons are now clickable. If they're not clickable,  repeat from step1 again.
  6. Click Infinite Stamina, Infinite Water. (Only this 2 options working in the latest tool by TigerZZ)
  7. Infinite Coins from watering is no longer working. 

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