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Friday, June 11, 2010

Facebook Happy Island - Treasure Chest Unlimitted Coins

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Credits to : Phoenixric

Hi Readers,

This is what most of us is waiting for, an easier way to get money in Happy Island.
This method is a combination of previous cheats I made for trash coin hack and a new floatsom ( floating treasure chest ) coin hack, which can be repeatedly done, before refreshing the game to see results.

Tools Required:

Charles 3.5.1 ( Download )


1.) Open Charles
2.) Click File->New or Press Ctrl+N simultaneousy to set a new session
3.) Now Go to Happy Island
4.) Visit a friend. click the floatsom ( Floating treasure chest on your freinds island )
5.)Go back to Happy Island and you will find the line :

6.)Right click on the line and select Edit.
7.)At the right pane, click Form Tab, at the bottom.
8.)You will see a string friends_id, double click on the value and increment it by 1 . Example: friend_id = 7887376
increment it by 1 it will become 7887377
9. Now look for the string game_logic/collect_flotsom|#
where # is the current value, increment it by 1 also. Example the current value is 5, change it to 6. You will see similar values like the picture below:

10.) Click Execute button.
11.) Click the line with pencil icon again.
12.) Repeat step 8 to 11 as much as you like, and you will gained 100 coins per execute.
13.) Refresh the page when you're done to see new coins.

Buy the Items you want and decorate your island or upgrade buildings to boost your EXP.

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Good Luck
Share this great information with your friends.
Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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