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Friday, June 11, 2010

My Empire - Add your friends as neighbors without thier approval.

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Tools (Download):
first download nofil2000My EmpireAdder and unzip it in you desktop . It contains  a file called nofil2000.html

step 1:
open your web browser  and open two tabs : in the first one load nofil2000.html and in the second load facebook home page and log in to your profile

step 2  (Prepare Fiddler)
open fiddler -- auto responder and add the  following rule:
if URI respond with  C:\Users\XXX\Desktop\nofil2000MEgifts\crossdoma in.xml
crossdomain.xml  can be found in the same zip file . change the path according to your path then clear your cache

Step 3:
open nofil2000.html
Click GET ID to get your facebook id

step 4
Paste your friend id into the text box. (one ID per line. no extra space)

step 5
click the button "Arrest them and force them to be my neighbors" 

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