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Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach City - Coins,Cash and EXP Cheat (Flash 9 & 10)

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Tools ):
  • Cheat Engine 5.6
  • Flash 9 & 10
  • Firefox
  1. Enter  Beach City [click to play]
  2. Earn some coins by selling or buying something.
  3. Open cheat engine and select browser in process list
  4. Scan Settings = Array of bytes, HEX, Also scan read only mem
  5. Scan "F20F108088000000F20F114424F8DD44" Flash 9
    Scan  "F20F108098000000F20F114424F8" Flash 10
  6. 1 address returned. (if you cant find it, make sure you earn some coins first! or check that you are using flash 9!)
  7. Right click > Disassemble
  8. Right click selected code and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'
  9. Now, start spending freely! Notice your coins and cash will be 0. But you can purchase any items and even EXPAND your land. Have fun!
1. 進入遊戲買或賣一個物品
2. Cheat Engine 介面左上方位按一下「電腦圖示」,再選擇「你的瀏覽器」,再按「Open」
3. Cheat Engine 設定勾選(Hex.Array of bytes.Also scan read only memory)
4. 複製位址 "F20F108088000000F20F114424F8DD44" Flash 9
    複製位址"F20F108098000000F20F114424F8" Flash 10
5. 搜到位址後用滑鼠右鍵選「Disassemble this memory region」
6. 將 movsd xmm0,[eax+00000088] 改為 'Replace with code that does nothing'
7. 現在你開始買物品(金錢數值會會歸 0)其間經驗值會上升,買滿物品(可買 K 幣物品),記錄遊戲
8. 重入遊戲,賣出剛才的所有物品,你的金錢也會一直增加,完成!

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