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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pet Society // Teach you how to be a Mayor


Good Evening Readers, Today you will get a chance to turn your pet into the MAYOR. Hereby is

a super interesting tutorial for you to get this transformation. The Mayor is just so unique and

cute. Try to follow closely to the steps below and snapshot the event to your friends. They will

definitely be amused by it. All thanks to nofil2000 video Merry Christmas

You can also purchase special item .


Tools you need :

1) Google Chrome

2) Fiddler2

3) Adobe Flash Player Player 10.0

4) Mayor swf


Step 01 : Open Fiddler2 and Load Google Chrome

Step 02 : Start Pet Society while loading you will see the address appearing on Fiddler2

Step 03 : Once Pet Society is totally loaded. Stroll up in Fiddler2 and look for pets_assets.swf

Step 04 : Once you found it. Select on it on your right click on AutoResponder and check "Enable

automatic responses" and click add.

Step 05 : Below under Rule Editor click on the drop down menu and click "Find a file" browse the

file in the for pets_assets.swf and click save.

Step 06 : Repeat this process for pets_assets1, 2 and 3. Once done.

Step 07 : Click Clear Cache on Fiddler2 and Reload your Pet Society. Right now you will be able

to see all the hidden item in the game. Just simply go to stylist and change your pet into the


Just keep note that this is just temporary so remember to capture some photo before you


Good luck!


Share this great information with your friends.

Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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