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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Restaurant City // Christmas Holiday Sale & Santa items!

Good morning Readers, yesterday there is a massive updates from Restaurant City which lots of

new items being added for the Christmas events. First of all is the Holiday Sale!, they want to

help you to learn those holiday recipes before they are gone so right now all cash ingredients is

having a discount of 25% off until 4th of January 2010.


The New Menu

Santa's Hot of Treats

Snowman Dessert

Gingerbread Milkshake



Icy Chair for 900 coins

Icy Table for 1,400 coins

Igloo door for 1,100 coins

Igloo window for 1,800 coins

Santa's Boots for 400 coins

Festive Fire Place for 1,200 coins

Ice Tree for 2,200 coins

Ice Sculpture for 8,000 coins

Icy Floor for 35 coins

Ice Block wallpaper for 1,400 coins

Santa Statue for 12 playfish cash

With Santa Statue you will be able to attract more customers.

Reindeer for 15 Playfish cash

Reindeer increase +2 popularity in customer flow.

Basic Red Bed for 4,500 coins

Basic Red Bed increase your workers resting time by 25%.


Outdoor Decoration

Thanks Rachel's for the outdoor decoration.

Igloo roof for 12,500 coins

Igloo doorway for 1,300 coins

Igloo window for 1,400 coins

Igloo walling for 1,500 coins

Candy Cane Lamp for 3 Playfish cash

Green Present for 400 coins

Red Present for 800 coins

Purple Present for 900 coins

Penguin Statue for 1,600 coins


Sneak preview of the Christmas Gift by Playfish. Just simply login to the game from 25 Dec ~ 31

Dec to obtain your exclusive Christmas gift for Free.


Good luck!


Share this great information with your friends.

Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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