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Monday, August 23, 2010

Pet Society - Fast Fishing & 100% Digging

Required .dat files [ Ziddu | Sendspace ]

Tools :
  • Download Required .dat files from above link
  • Fiddler2
  • Chrome/firefox
Credits: Zoey@pwnthis 
Note: Using this cheat you will be able to know the exact location of the treasure. The game will GLITCH if you click on the areas that do not have a square and you will have to reload the game. Just hover your mouse around and if a gray square appears, there is a treasure there and you can click that.To avoid getting BANNED, dig ONCE, do something else like go fish then dig 1 more time. Basically as long as you don't use up all your 5 digs at one shot, you should not get banned.

  1. Download swf file from the links above.
  2. Use the rule editor as below
    Note : Do not use drag method.

  3. Clear your browser cache andgo into Pet Society.
  4. Enter Digging Lands and hover your mouse over to "scan". If a gray square appears, click it. If no gray square, do NOT click.
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