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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pet Society - All in 1 database (ver 3.2.45) Cash Items, Cash Petlings, Collaborative Tree Seed

Required Tools [Download]
  • Download Required files above
  • Fiddler2
  • IE/Chrome/Firefox Credits: Pure126 

  1. Download and extract the required files above.
  2. Open fiddler and go to autoresponder
  3. Add below regular expression to replace the original .dat files


    Just drag all the .dat files into Fiddler Autoresponder
  4. Load Pet Society. [Play] If replaced correctly, 4 lines will be highlighted.
  5. Visit the MARKET and you will be able to purchase many Cash Items and MB Items

    Note: Just click on your pet and you will get HUGE gems each time you jump, just click on those gems to sell it. Remember, you can only jump 10 times EACH SAVE.
Cheat Includes:
* All Wig Dye 
* Cash Peets + Instant Growth
* 49day large battery
* Collaborative Tree Seed
* All Petling CC
* All tree fertilizer
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Good Luck
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