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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Restaurant City - Unlock your SODA for Bowling Alley 
Woo Hoo! This will be the theme update for restaurant City tomorrow on every Thursday of the

week. Two newly created ingredients to unlock new recipes such as SODA and SALT. With a

level up in the main dish call PFC Family Bucket you will be able to retrieve a Bowling alley in

your restaurant for free.

Shake Rattle

How to claim your SODA? Every account after Thursday patch, you will be able to see a SODA

icon located on the left of your gameplay. Just click on it to claimed this! Share it around for your

friends to claimed it too. One way to get it fast is through sharing from your friends plus an

ownership in couple of accounts. Yeah shhhhhhh.
Shake Rattle

That it Congratulations you have mastered PFC Family bucket. Be the first to have a bowling

alley in your restaurant. Share this good news to your friends today! 

Shake Rattle
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