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Monday, August 09, 2010

Ninja Saga - 100% Critical Cheat v2

  • Cheat Engine
  • Chrome/firefox
  • Flash 10

    Credits: AeonFlux09@pwnthis

  1. Goin Ninja Saga and go to Profile. 
    Note : you will not get any address if you did not go to profile.
  2. Open Cheat Engine and your browser
    Note : For firefox 3.6.4 ++ select "plugin-container.exe"
  3. Cheat Engine setting (Hex, Array of Bytes, Also scan read only mem)
  4. First Scan "a93f9a9999999999a93f"
  5. If more than 1 address returned, select the address that ends with 6. (example: xxxxxxx6)
  6. Double click on the address so it appears in the table below.
  7. Copy the address.
  8. Click "Add Address Manually"
  9. Paste the address and add +22 at the end (example: xxxxxxx6+22) 
  10. Change Type to "Double" and click OK.
  11. Change the value of this newly added address to "999999"
  12. Now go fight, you will see that your damage is GODLIKE.
  13. Everyone will now have critical. Even your enemies. So only fight those that you can fight before them. Most of the hunting house bosses do not hit on first move which is good.
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