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Friday, July 16, 2010

Restaurant City - nofil2000 Unlimited Gifts Generator


  • Nofil2000 RC gifts generator Ziddu | Sendspace
  • Firefox/Chrome/IE (any browser that works with Fiddler) 
  1. Download Nofil2000 gifts generator. Links above. Extract the folder to your desktop.
  2. Open Fiddler (check File > Capture Traffic is ticked. For firefox, you will need to Force traffic to Fiddler)
  3. Log into Facebook.
  4. Open the nofil2000.html in the extracted folder in your browser. 
  5. Visit this URL: ''  You will see an error page, but no worries. 
  6. Check your fiddler now.
  7. You will see this line 'crossdomain.xml' Right click it and select Copy > Just URL
  8. Go to the Auto responder tab, and click ADD 
  9. The crossdomain line will appear. Ensure only that line is ticked. 
  10. Click on the dropdown arrow beside the Save button
  11. Select 'Find a file..'
  12. Browse to the nofil2000 folder and open the crossdomain.xml inside the folder.
  13. Click Save.  (watch video if you do not understand these steps)
  14. Click clear cache in Fiddler.
  15. Now look at the nofil2000.html tab.
  16. Click Get ID and wait for your Facebook ID to appear. 
  17. Click Get Token and wait for the Token to appear.
  18. A token code will be generated. Copy and paste it in this group 'COLLABORATIVE GIFTS EXCHANGE' to share with fellow cheaters so that everyone can gain more gifts. 
  19. Now copy all the token you can see on that page and paste it into the nofil2000.html
  20. Only 1 token each line. To give you guys a start, I have compiled a short list of tokens below. You guys love me right? :p
  21. Click GET GIFTS and watch as the gifts are loaded! (note you can also convert the ID to any items you want. Just insert the 'item id'
  22. Once done, enter RC and start opening your presents!
Note: If you have noticed, you can convert the tokens to any itemID you want. So if you want to collect all the different Easter items, just conserve your tokens for the different itemID as each token can only be claimed ONCE a day.

Latest ID(1-July-2010)
Cherry 4000072
Pineapple 4000062
Coconut 4000063
Ice 4000052
CoffeeBeans 4000053
Lime 4000021
Peach 4000050
Salmon 4000069

Football Decor 3020438
Referee Top 1020064
Pink Candles 3020421
Blue Candles 3020419
Memorial Day Flag 3020370
Giant Sakura Mochi Decor 3020308
Rock Star Table 3030048
Wedding Candles 3020352

Mango 4000044
Kiwi 4000045
Chili 4000011
Crab 4000070
Wasabi 4000057
Seaweed 4000068
Pomegranate 4000042
Strawberry 4000036

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