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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pirates Ahoy! Cheats Playfish // 500,000 coins by Pwnthis

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Good morning Readers, the latest update cheats for Pirates Ahoy! from Playfish by pwnthis is

out. Just by selling Stones on your island for 500,000 coins! Check it out now!

Special Thanks to pwnthis.


Tools you need :

1) Firefox

2) Fiddler 2

3) Database.Dat


Step by Step tutorial :

Step 01 : Clear Cache and Start Pirates Ahoy Application

Step 02 : Locate Database.dat in Fiddler 2. Replace them with the

file downloaded here

Step 03 : Clear Cache again and reload Pirates Ahoy. Go to your Island and sell your stones for

500,000 and click save. Inorder to repeat the steps off fiddler 2 and purchased as much as stone

your island can placed and on fiddler 2 again to sell it for 500,000!

Step 04 : That all and easy!

That all. Good luck!

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 Good Luck
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Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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