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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tiki Resort Cheats // level up exp and coins cash hack

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Good morning readers, Tiki resorts level up exp and coins cash hack is back! special thanks to

free2joe. Just simply follow the steps below and you will get your coins and level real fast!


Tools you need :

1) Cheat Engine 5.6

2) Firefox

3) Flash player 10.0



Step 01 : Start Tiki Resort Application // Click here to play

Step 02 : Open Cheat Engine, 4 bytes and ASRM

Step 03 : Purchase a stand. As for me i get the 0/2000 .

Step 04 : The first digit will increase example 01 / 2000. Enable speed hack and change to '0' to

pause the game. Scan the value on first scan and as it increase keep scanning next scan.

Step 05 : You will get a single address after a couple of tries.

Step 06 : Double click the address and right click select "set a hotkey". On the first one. press

either + to set the hotkey. and change the value to 1999 instead.

*Take note : The value have to be less then 1 of the total value. eg: 2000 then value is 1999.

Step 07 : Go back to game and press + on keyboard and the first value will change to

1800/1800. Keep repeated to collects coins as well as exp.

The whole process is kinda complicated but nevertheless just watch closely on the video i created

for you to view. Good luck and share this awesome cheat to your friends. Credits free2joe

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