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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pet Society Cheats // Fishing Hack on Gummy Fishes

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Good morning readers, here is a cheats to get fast fishing and fish all gummy fishes for your fish

tank. For tutorial on Fast fishing click here // Download Gummy fishes database here


Tools you need :

1) Firefox

2) Cheat Engine 5.6

3) Fiddler 2

4) Gummy Fish Database // Download here


Step by Step tutorial :

Step 01 : Clear Cache and Start Pet Society Application, Purchase 99 apples

Step 02 : Locate Database.dat in Fiddler 2. Replace them with the file

downloaded here

Step 03 : Clear Cache again and reload Pet Society. Go to fishing pond and start fishing using

your purchased apples as bait.

Step 04 : Every Fishes u catch will be gummy fish!

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