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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pet Society Cheats // Moody Cat and Purple Owl Plushie

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Good evening guys, are you ready for this 2 rare plushie. Not only that this cheats include a few

more items in the luxury corner where you can use yellow coins to purchase it. Get your Moody

Cat and Purple Owl Plushie now! They are just so cute!


Tools you need :

1) Firefox

2) Fiddler 2

3) Database.dat // LuxuryShop.dat


Step by Step tutorial :

Step 01 : Clear Cache and Start Pet Society Application

Step 02 : Locate Database.dat and Luxuryshop.dat in Fiddler 2. Replace them with the file

downloaded here

Step 03 : Clear Cache again and reload Pet Society. Go to luxurystore and purchase all the item

there. Then go back to home and drag all the win and lose mystery boxes to retrieve the items.

Step 04 : That all and easy!

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