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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hotel City cheats // Free 10 Playfish Cash

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Are you Keen to participate for at least 10 Playfish Cash? well, this is the 1st time we Playfish

Team are giving Playfish Cash for a super duper easy pissy Competition! just install the game

and follow the Tutorial then you can get 2 PFC, want more? then try to reach up to level 10 and

u can get 4 PCF! not yet satisfied? well, last chance, another 4 PFC if u get to level 25! start

leveling up now until 12th of april,Your Playfish Cash will be credit manually to your account by

Friday 16th April! so dont get too exctied! Playfish cash is shared all across PF Games! Goodluck

fellow Chefs and Managers!

This is how it go :

Install the game and complete the tutorial for 2 x Cash

Reached level 10 for 4 x Cash

Research level 25 for 4 x Cash

Your Playfish Cash will be credit manually to your account by Friday 16th April. To receive your

Playfish Cash you need to read and accept Playfish's Digital Services Agreement (for use,

expiration and limitation of Playfish cash.) You will be asked to accept the Playfish's Digital

Services Agreement after completing the tutorial and after reaching level 10 and level 25.

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Good Luck

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Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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