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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Farmville Cheats // Farmhelper Bot 2.1

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Download here

The Special functions

BuyTool.php – gives you an opportunity automatically buy tens, hundreds and even thousands

of objects for your farm. For example, if you have coins you can buy thousand trees, animals, etc.

DeleteTool.php – gives you an opportunity to delete objects and plots from your farm.

EchangeTool.php – mechanism that gives you an opportunity to exchange coins for experience.

GetXml.php – gives you an opportunity to load gameSettings.xml.

NeighborsTool.php – do missions for your neighbors, fertilize their farms and feeding their

chicken coops.

OutSideFIX.php – gives you an opportunity to delete objects outside of your farm.

PlowTool.php – gives you an opportunity to atomize plowing process at your farm (Be very

careful, because PLOW OVER EXISTS function can block your farm. If you do not understand to

the end what it is necessary for, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PLUG-IN).

RecoveryTool.php – this utility gives you an opportunity to restore the farms, that were blocked

because the user exceeded objects limit on the farm. You need to run this utility and wait the

end of its work. It will remove part of your objects. And by the way it can work by hours

SellTool.php – gives you an opportunity to sell objects from the farm.


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