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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Latest Pet society cheats // Jack and the beanstalk secret room cheats

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Hi Guys, try this latest pet society cheats that give u a shortcut way to the secret room. A

couples of actions.dat for you to download here.


Tools you need

1) Firefox

2) Fidder Web Debugging Proxy

3) Adobe flash Player 10

4) Cheat Engine 5.6

5) Actions.Dat // Mediafire


Step 01 : Download The 'Secret room' Above

Step 02 : Open Fiddler

Step 03 : Go into Pet Society

Step 04 : Go to the Food Shop and buy 'Pumpkin' and Tree Seed

Step 05 : Save Game. Clear Browser cache.

Step 06: Drag the "database.dat" into Fiddler Autoresponder

Step 07 : Refresh Pet Society

Step 08 : Go to the Garden, plant your tree seed.

Step 09 : Open your chest and find for the 'Pumpkin' You will see that it has changed into the

Beanstalk fertilizer. (Note: You cannot search the item by typing 'pumpkin' Manually scroll

through the list of items to find it.

Step 10 : Drop it on the tree that you have planted. It will turn into a beanstalk and the secret

room opens up. Have fun.

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Good Luck

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