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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Restaurant City // Happy New Year Updates

Good morning Readers, Well the holiday season is almost done but the new year is still to come

and we got a bumper week of cool stuff for you to celebrate with!

There's a snow machine, balloons, firework decorations, a massive cake and, a lobster holding a

champagne bottle. Don't know about you but the way i see it. If there ain't no lobster with a

champagne bottle, there ain't no party.

Happy New Year!

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The New Menu

2010 Cake



Red Fancy Chair for 1,300 coins

Pink Bench for 1,500 coins

Red fancy Table for 1,400 coins

Bottle Decor for 900 coins

Blue Glow Tube for 1,600 coins

Green Glow Tube for 1,800 coins

Golden Hat Decor for 1,900 coins

Pink Glow Tube for 2,100 coins

Rocket Decor for 2,200 coins

Glossy Star Tile for 50 coins

Tinsel Wallpaper for 1,100 coins

Snow Machine for 15 Playfish Cash

With a Snow Machine you will be able to generate snow in your restaurant.

Balsamine for 700 coins

Pansy for 900 coins

Yellow Daisy for 1,100 coins

Anthurium for 1,400 coins

Vriesea for 2,400 coins


Outdoor Decoration

Blue Balloon for 1,400 coins

Red Balloon for 1,400 coins

Golden Balloon for 1,600 coins

Pink Balloon for 1,600 coins

Happy New Year sign for 2,500 coins

Lobster Statue for 2,100 coins


Sneak preview of the Christmas Gift by Playfish. Just simply login to the game from 25 Dec ~ 31

Dec to obtain your exclusive Christmas gift for Free.


Good luck!


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