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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Restaurant City Hack - Rate your OWN friends! (As many times as you want!)

1) Cheat Engine 5.5
2) Flash Player 9
3) IE or Firefox

1. Go and visit one friend WITH a rating above it already (This hack only works with friends that opt into rating guide)

2. Open Cheat Engine and tick: Hex, 8 bytes, and also Read-only memory

3. Search for C0940FC23B44528B while still in your friend's restaurant.

4. Right-click on the address found and click 'Disassemble'

5. The second one down says: cmp eax,edx. Change it to: cmp eax,eax

That's it! Now go out of your friend's house and go to any friend with a rating and you'll see the rating icon!

To keep doing this, you need to refresh the browser after savingand redo all the steps. You can keep rating on the same friend's restaurant this way :P

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