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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pet Society Coin Hack V3

Cheat Engine
“Flash 9.0 r124 (”
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Here’s the “new” “Codegen v3″ for Pet society. This version allows you to choose the amount of coins you get as long as it’s LESS than 30.000 coins per use. It works almost in the same way as the previous versions but there are a couple of things that are different.


1. You have to find 2 Hex addresses instead of 1. In order to FIND the HEX we have to sell an apple or win a coin somehow and then hit the ball or frisbee.

2.Go to and in the “PS codegen V3″ copy the first code 5D89000004E08A8B click on HEX 8 bytes - Also scan read only memory and make your first scan.

3. When you get the address click right click it, choose “dissasemble this memory region” then Go to address, copy that address and paste it on the first blank space bellow the code you used on the “PS codegen V3″

4. Now copy the second code B045110FF2AC5D89 and repeat the exact same procedure of step 3 except that you’ll paste the address you got on the second blank space.

5. Where it says 1 coin = …. “Auto Assemble” paste the code there and click on the “Execute” button. You’ll get a small pop up windown saying “The code injection was sucessfull” accept it and that’s it. You can even close cheat engine after that.

A tip!

Once you get 30.000 send an apple to a friend or something… so that you don’t have to close the game and open it again, after you sent the apple you can do the trick again.


Enjoy <3>

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