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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

FarmVille FarmHelper bot 2.981

FarmHelper 2.1 is a FREE FarmVille bot  it is a small program which will help you in the gameFarmVille.

With the help of our program you will be able to earn more coins and to get more experience; it will workeven when you are busy with your work, study and even when you sleep. FarmHelper will take care ofyour farm – it will  seed whatever you order, it will gather in the crops in time and will not leave a chance to your harvest to get spoiled.

Download 1 || Download 2

FarmHelper ver 2.981
All updates by JerichoSteele
1) ExchangeTool2 updated
2) BuyTool updated
3) NeighborsTool updated
4) HarvestTimeTool.v1.2 updated
5) TractorTool updated
6) SellTool
7) DeleteTool
8) CoopFarming
9) Added “RUN NOW” button to many plugins
10) Added “Update crops” button by Admin
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