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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Baking Life - Items Price & 100,000,000 Coins Cheat

Tools :  
  • Cheat Engine
  • Firefox
    Credits: oldx3
    1. Enter Baking Life [play]
    2. Open Cheat Engine
    3. Scan any item price you want to cheat.
      (For example I want to cheat Dish Shelves : Price = 45000)
    4. Key-in 45000 in the value and click First Scan.
    5. Around 7 results return.

    6. Double click all the results.

    7. At the bottom change all the values to 1

    8. Fresh the page by clicking the "Doors" icon then "Wall Decor" icon. The price should become 1 coin.

    9. You can buy as many as you want then right click the all the items you just bought and click "Put Away"

    10. Back to Cheat Engine and change all the values to 9999999.

    11. Now you can sell your item by 2499999 coins per unit. After you sell a unit remember to save the game before you sell second unit otherwise you will get game ERROR!

    12. By now you can easily get 100,000,000 Coins and buy any items you want

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