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Monday, August 16, 2010

BlackBerry Application // Capture It

Capture It is an application designed to help fellow developers and Blackberry users share a picture of their screen with ease. We see many bloggers use screenshots to review applications, people showing off their new home screens, and other developers wanting to show their application to consumers online.
Well Capture It allows you to take a screen shot, and save a jpeg to your device. 
If your device has a memory card inserted, the capture will be saved there. If no memory card is available it will be saved to the device memory.
You can download our application OTA or load it via Desktop Manager.  The application is available to all Blackberry devices with 4.3 os or higher. 

Version 1.4 Release notes
  • Fixes a potential issue where capture would not delete.

Version 1.3 Release Notes:
  • Application will now prompt for permissions.
  • Vibration now lasts for one second.

Version 1.2 Release Notes:
  • Application runs at startup.
  • Captures can now be taken via the Blackberry menu.
  • Vibration after a capture.
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