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Friday, July 09, 2010

Super Mario Crossover Flash game // Exploding Rabbit

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Good evening Readers, this is something that i found interesting which we want to share it with

you all. It Super Mario crossover game by Exploding Rabbits!

Play Super Mario Crossover here, one of the best flash games ever


In this game you can play as Mario, Link, Bill R. (From contra), Simon (From Castlevania),
Megaman, and Samus. Each of them have their own unique abilities such as shooting from their
original games!
Press Z to jump and X to attack or Run. S is an alternate attack for whatever character you are

Super Mario Crossover created by Exploding Rabbit. This site is an accordance to Jay's (The

creator of SMBC) policy and has been given permission (We asked Jay on his Site)

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