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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gangster City Tips and tricks // Super level up and coins

The guide on how to level up fast in Gangster City. While you get leveled up coins will just keep

coming through. You will get your skills points when you leveled up or when you had completed

any particular quests. 3 skills points for level up while 1 skill point for each quest completed.

Just simply add all your points to energy. As you require energy for your quest. Keep doing this

to get level up and coins real fast. I had attached a video on how the effect if you have tons of


Get a skills point every time you completed a quest with three stars.

Collection item would also be obtain while doing the quest.

Next, just simply introduce your friends to this game and gain the first visit reward.

Currently i have 500 over friends and each friend i can recieve 4,000 coins and a collection item.

Friends help in your attack too. With the money you would be able to purchase new cars and

new weapons.

Click below for full tutorial video!

With a completion of collection items you can exchanged it for a better item that increase your

attacks or defense.



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Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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