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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Restaurant City // Get 3,500 coins and a Pumpkin for Free

Click above for your first 3000 coins

Wow! You didit! In 24 hours you hit 90000 'likes' on our previous posting! That means that

every fan gets a cool 9000 coins to spend in RestaurantCity! We'll be delivering in instalments,

3000 coins a day for the nextthree days. So remember to come back tomorrow and the day

after for more.

OK folks we're feeling generous.

First up click that like button down there. Just do it.

Because for every 10 likes we get in 24 hours, every fan gets coin.

Put it this way:

if every single Restaurant City player clicks the like button, you'll get nearly 1.5 million coins

EACH. That's a whole lot of coins.

And because we're feeling so generous we'll give you an extra 500 coins ON TOP OF THAT.

So get your friends to become fans and get them clicking that like button because this one's

gonna be a doozy!

And what's more, come back tomorrow because we'll be doing the same thing again for 5 days


Like this feed and click here to get your first 500 FREE coins


Guess the band number 1: your first clue is a FREE Pumpkin!

Your second clue is the new Electric Guitar to rock out with in Restaurant City.

Hope you have a 'smashing' time figuring it out!

Click here to get your FREE Pumpkin

Good luck!


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Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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