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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pet Resort Purina // Coins,Cash,levelup Cheats

Good morning, New game new cheats for Pet Resort by Purina. This game is quite similar to the

rest of facebook game which is kinda bored too but nevertheless clownie23 had come out with

this cheats for this game using Charles. Read the instruction below and help yourself with this


Tools you need :

1) Charles

2) Firefox


Step 01 : Open Charles

Step 02 : Start Pet Resort Game

Step 03 : In charles, you will see the line

Step 04 : Expand it and you will see 'amfphp'

Step 05: Right click amfphp and select Breakpoints

Step 06: Refresh Pet Resort

Step 07: A breakpoint tab will appear. Click Execute 7 times.

Step 08: Click on the Edit Response tab

Step 09: Click AMF tab.

Step 10: Change Player_XP and Player_Coins to 90127200

Step 11: Click Execute 12 times.

Step 12: Edit Response tab > AMF

Step 13: Change Player_Cash to 90127200

Step 14: Click Execute 2 times.

Edit Response tab > AMF

Change Player_Cash to 90127200

You should see everything reflected in the game. Just save it and refresh. Everything still

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  Good Luck
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