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Monday, June 14, 2010

FrontierVille // Zynga latest facebook game level up and coins

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FrontierVille is a Facebook game developed by Zynga that gives players a chance to build their

own virtual town in the wild west by taming the wilderness and start their own virtual family.

Chop down trees, tend to crops, build a cabin, prepare for marriage, and defend your land from

groundhogs and snakes are just some things you need to do. This quick start guide will provide

you with tips to get started playing FrontierVille.

With a little help from Frontier Jack, a storyline exists within the game to guide you on what to

do next. But, this is your adventure! Here is a rundown of tools that you will be using throughout

the game. Use the screenshot below as reference.

All status and progress bars are found on top. From left to right, you have the following:

Coins - indicates how many coins you have and used to purchase items from the market

Wood - shows how much wood you’ve collected from chopping trees

Food - number of food points for you to purchase meals to increase your energy

Energy - how much energy points left for you to do activities and 1 point is refilled every 3


Experience Level - what level you are at and points you need to reach the next one

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