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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FrontierVille Cheats // Bonus Coins and Exp

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Good morning Readers, today am teaching you to get full bonus coins worth 324 coins per 8 plots

of vegetables you planted in FrontierVille from Zynga. The accumulated coins from 9, 18, 27, 36,

45, 54, 63, 72. Not including bonus exp as well as the coins rewards from the plantations.

What you need to do is plant a couple of plantation around 20 or more any vegetables will do the


What you do is harvest. Keep note that while you harvest the bonus bar will appear on your top

right corner. A blinking red bar remind you that time is running out so you are required to pick

up the rewards to create a combo connects. A video tutorial is attached below to show you how it

is done!

FrontierVille Super Coins and EXP

Step 01 : Plant around 20 plots of vegtables in your Farm Plots

Step 02 : During Harvest keep note of the Bonus bar. You will need to be fast to prevent the

discontining of the bonus. Flicking of the bonus bar mean it is about to end.

Step 03 : Mutiple Coins increase the most of the bonus bar follow by xp and items

Step 04 : Keep doing that till u get the maximum of all the "INSANE"

Step 05 : Bonus coins up to $324 Bonus excluding your crops coins rewards

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