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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Restaurant City - Gourmet King & Unlock All Recipe (Ver 0.9.268)

This cheat is better done on a secondary account. Keep finding the Gourment King (you have to refresh the game after finding him) and just Share/Publish the item that you want. Then use your primary account to claim the item.

   1. Download the required bin files from any of the links above.
   2. Open fiddler and go to autoresponder.
   3. regex:(?insx)^.*ingredient\.bin$   -  for Ingredient
  -  for Furniture 
       regex:(?insx)^.*recipe\.bin$  -  for Recipe 
   4. Load Restaurant City. If replaced correctly, the 3 lines will be highlighted.
   5. Go into Restaurant City.
   6. Once loaded, go into your restaurant and keep decorating > saving > decorating > saving.... till you see the Food King near your planting ingredients area. If you are not sure how to find Gourment King please watch video below.

To unlock all Recipes Steps:

   1. In the rule editor, add this regular expression to replace recipe.bin
      Recipe Rule Editor: REGEX:(?insx)^.*recipe\.bin$
   2. Click on the ▼ button and browse to the files that you have just downloaded. Replace it with UNLOCK-ALL-RECIPE.bin .
   3. Click SAVE
   4. Go into Restaurant City and now all past dishes will appear if you have replaced correctly.
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